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Our company, godai and Godai Kogyo, provides localized services in the Saitama Prefecture. We provide a comprehensive human resources service ranging from vocational training to in-company training for human resources development, which includes temporary staffing and referral for employment support, as well as internships, which serves as a way to exchange human resources. As a social contribution project, we serve as the secretariat of ‘The Industrial Park Council of Saitama’ (TIPCOS). We also sponsor the ‘Factory Open House Summit’(OFS) which supports factory open houses nationwide.


Human Resources Service


Industrial Park Council of Saitama (TIPCOS)


Factory Open House Summit


Industrial Park Council of Saitama (TIPCOS) And The Factory Open House

・彩の国オープンファクトリー (The Factory house of Saitama)


What is ‘The Industrial Park Council of Saitama’ (TIPCOS)? The goal of TIPCOS is to make an attractive industrial park by collaborating and exchanging information between the Saitama Prefecture, administration, the workers and the companies. One of the events that you are able to experience is the Factory Open House of Saitama. In this event, you will be able to enjoy the process of manufacturing and immerse yourself in the surrounding area.

Factory Open House Summit(OFS)


オープンファクトリーとは、つくり手が活動し、モノをつくりだしていく現場を公開し、来場者(お客様)に体験してもらう取り組みです。普段はお客様を招き入れることのない仕事現場を公開し、交流をおこなうことで、自社製品や仕事に対する生の声や新たな気づきを得ることができます。来場者にとっても、普段は見ることのできないモノづくりの現場は、魅力あるエンターテインメントであり、モノづくりの価値を知ることができます。参加企業と来場者の良好な関係は、より良い地域コミュニティづくりにも貢献します。(経済産業省 地域資源活用ネットワーク構築事業(2014年))

Factory Open House is an initiative in which the creators are active and the site where they create things is open to the public so that visitors (customers) can experience it. By opening up the workplaces that normally do not invite customers and interacting with them, you can get live voices and new awareness about your company’s products and work. Even for visitors, the manufacturing site, which is not normally seen, is an attractive entertainment and you can know the value of manufacturing. A good relationship between participating companies and visitors will also contribute to the creation of a better local community. (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Regional Resource Utilization Network Construction Project (2014))

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